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Monday, January 16, 2012

Melissa Montgomery - Artists in the Boro Member - Featured Artist

Melissa Montgomery is a "Photographic Artist" and is the force behind Melissa Montgomery Photography, a fellow member of *Artists in the Boro in New Westminster, BC.  I am thrilled to feature her and her work today.
How and when did you discover your love for your craft/art?
I've always been creative and had my "head in the clouds" so to speak, but I found my passion in photography when I was pregnant with my first son 8 1/2 years ago. I started taking courses and classes while I was pregnant and once he was born I couldn't get enough of capturing his moments.

Do you remember the first photo you ever made?
The photo that started the idea that this was more than just a hobby was of my boy was when he was three months old, laying on the bed, gorgeous window light flowing on his skin and I knew this passion was going to lead into something more.

Melissa Montgomery, Photographer
Every Artist has a creative process, can you explain yours?
A big part of my approach is of course to capture the impromptu moments of your wedding day or family photo session, but I also like to stylize and create a vision that reflects who you are. Sometimes I use props, other accessories and remote locations to emphasize your session, other times it may be the setting and nothing is required. My unique creativity will always be a part of my photography and I strive to create dreamy and romantic fine art images.  I love to capture people, their expressions, the moment and shoot in locations that reflects who you are.  We create a scene, a vision and then let it come to life.

When people start doing their craft/art, they tend to try a lot of different things before settling down to something that resonates with them.  How has your work changed since you began?
I've tried allot of different types of photography but have narrowed it down to weddings and lifestyle photography.  I love being a part of a wedding and people's lives, there is nothing more magical then capturing the love between a couple or family.  Having said that though, capturing the innocence of a newborn or the beauty in a portrait session is as equally fulfilling.   My work has changed significantly in the last two years because I breath photography.  I update my courses, take workshops, work on my technical skills, upgrade equipment and have a great way of brining out the best in people, especially when they are in front of my lens.

What inspires you creatively?
People. Everyone has a story and I want to capture it.

Can you tell us about some important goals you have achieved with your work?
I have been featured on numerous wedding sites last year which not only makes me excited and proud for the recognition, but makes me strive harder to accomplish more for the years to come.  Recently featured on: Wedding Bells, One Stylish Bride, Bride & Joy, La Belle Bride, Lucy Dylan Weddings, Wedding Fashion Files, Naughty Monkey (shoes), Delectable Events (cakes).

Who are some of your favorite artists/crafters and why?
I love searching the web for photographers who inspire me. Jasmine Starr, Joe Buissink, David Jay, Jinky Art just to name a few, my list really goes on for miles.  We all have something to share and I love it when others can share their knowledge on how to get better and teach others in the process. Inspirations is everywhere!

Any goals for the future you would like to share?
So many! I always have set goals in mind.  I plan to attend more hands-on workshops this year to get better at my craft.  I also attend numerous photography conventions every year.  I plan to dive deeper into the art of wedding photography and hope to continue getting recognized and featured for my work.

What do you do in your spare time?
Spare time? Lol…I have two beautiful boys and a husband that continue to inspire and support me.  If I am not with them, working or on a photo shoot though you can catch me at the gym, reading a great book, blogging or watching a romance movie. (Hey, I am wedding photographer, can you blame me! I love…love).

Where can we see your work?
Please visit my website or my blog that updated weekly at http://www.photographybymm.com

How many hours per week to you spend in the creative side versus the business side?
The creative side is the pre-planning, getting to know my clients, stylizing a session or a wedding, the pre-scouting of locations and ensuring I have everything in place to create the vision.  The business side is everyday.  I spend hours doing research, learning, blogging, editing, marketing and all other business related functions that you need to make your business successful.  You can take a great and beautiful photograph but if you can't market it properly you're business won't go anywhere.  I definitely spend more hours on the business end of things.  I love what I do so it really doesn't feel like work! I am so thankful for where I am today.

What advice would you give to someone who want to start out or start a business in their craft/art?
Do it. Take the risk, take the plunge and dive into the art of what you love.  Practice, research and get involved.  There is nothing more rewarding than accomplishing what you set out to do and in the end you're doing what you love.

If there is anything else you want to add, please feel free to do so.
Along with photographing your wedding day (or family session), I am also a director and creator so you can concentrate on what is important – each other and absorbing every moment. For wedding photography, I can also refer recommended vendors and offer wedding planning solutions to make your planning easier. It's all in the details! My perfectionism and outstanding organizational skills allows me to be extremely efficient on and during the planning of your beautiful day or other sessions.

Put your trust in me and allow me to create meaningful photographs that will ignite and elicit your emotions but more importantly capture the perfect visual essence of who you are.

Thank you Melissa, your work is amazing.

Be sure to visit Melissa's Website for more information.  
Plus be sure to visit her Facebook Page and follow her on Twitter.
(note:  All photos in this feature are copyrighted to Melissa Montgomery)
*Artists in the Boro is an inclusive group of individual artists from all mediums who reside in the neighbourhood of Queensborough in New Westminster, BC., Canada.  Next featured Artists in the Boro Member will be Terry Erickson on Wednesday, January 18th.

Penny Cheng

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