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My name is Penny Cheng, Chainmaille Artist and the Owner/Designer Of Jewelry by Saniki Creations. I am lucky enough to work on my designs at home while taking care of my three girls. Life is hectic, but fun...

This Blog is about my life, my business, and my creations plus I enjoy promoting my fellow Artists.


Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Featured Artist Special - Meet Aprilee Lawson of Artistry Jewelry

Today's Featured Artist is a wonderful friend of mine who I met via cyberspace... Gotta love networking... Aprilee is the owner and designer of Artistry Jewelry, her designs are Victorian inspired but it doesn't stop there, her wire-wrapped and polymer clay creations are definitely something to write home about.

So without further adieu here's Aprilee:

How and when did you start making jewelry as a business?
In a way, it was the result of the proliferation of my creations!  No one person can use that much jewelry!  To stop creating was out of the question, so I purchased a computer, took an introductory class on computers & self taught myself!

Do you remember the first piece of jewelry you ever made? 
Yes.  I had enrolled in a jewelry construction class and the teacher wanted to "start small", so our first lesson/task was a pair of earrings which we wire-wrapped.  It seemed like rocket science with the intricate, constant moving of the pliers!  LOL!

Every artist has a personal “creative process”,  can you explain yours?
I purchase components/beads that I like.  Along with that, I purchase numerous components that would go with the main item I started out with.  I also keep in mind what I already have available.  I don't work on anything just to be productive.  I have a photographic memory, so I always know what I have.  An idea will hit me when I'm not even thinking about jewelry.  That's when I create something!  I even keep a small notebook on my nightstand and have (many a nights) scribbled an idea onto it!

When people start doing jewelry, they tend to try a lot of different things before settling down to something that resonates with them, how has your jewelry work changed since you began?
I'm all over the place.  I could never do just one type of design/technique!  I think it's pretty much the same with everyone else.  I started with basic beading techniques, moved into more complex designs, learned wire-wrapping, polymer clay.  I just think the longer you stick with it, the more likely you are to branch out into other techniques.  Also, the longer something takes to create, the more I enjoy myself!

How many hours a week do you spend in the creative side vs the business side?   
There's really no stock answer for that, but since ecommerce is based on images, I spend a great deal of time taking & cropping/editing images.  That is the most  non-creative chore.  As for time creating, I can't really give an answer there either.  I only create when an idea hits me, which is unpredictable.

What inspires you creatively?  
The color pink and flowers. Victorian/vintage styles.
Where do you sell your jewelry?  
Mostly just on Etsy.

Can you tell us about some important goals you have achieved with your jewelry work?  
Doing a museum quality (Victorian) necklace.  (willow)
Learning new techniques.   Giving great customer service & making many new friends along the way!

What advice would you give to someone who is interested or starting out doing jewelry as a business?
The first thing you should do (Prior to registering on etsy, or any other site) would be to do a seller search of the name you intend to use for your shop.  Choose something unique. The last thing you want is for someone to make a simple typo error & buy from someone else when they intended to buy from you! Be original!  You can't just string beads and expect to survive.  You must be able to do (neat) functional wire-wrapping.  The jewelry market is flooded, you need to find a way to be original, stand-out from the rest.  Make your customers want to come back, and most of all Be patient!  I've seen new sellers post in the etsy forum that it's been almost a month with no sales.  Calm down and create.  Get friends to critique your shop & make changes as needed.

Who are some of your favorite artists and crafters?
Well, I purchase all of my graphics from Dale at Seadreamstudio on etsy.  I love yappyhappy for pet related gifts.  Beetreebyme does custom pet brooches, I had one made for a friend (stunning).  Donna Kato / clay artist.  And of course, Penny Cheng.
What do you like to do in your spare time other than making jewelry?
I enjoy researching other possible techniques that I might like to try. I enjoy  baking from scratch.  I spend alot of time with my online friends via facebook. I admin at onlineshoppingmall ning site.  I watch documentaries on TV.  My guilty pleasures are tawdry "reality shows". 
I like to shop too!

If there's anything else you want to add, please feel free to do so. 
I would just like to thank Penny for this opportunity! (ed: "awww  Thank you")
Be sure to check out Aprilee's Etsy Shop, Facebook Page, Twitter and Blog.  Also check out the Online Shopping Mall site where Aprilee is an admin!

Remember, if you would like to participate to be a Featured Artist, please send me an Email and I would love to interview you!


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