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My name is Penny Cheng, Chainmaille Artist and the Owner/Designer Of Jewelry by Saniki Creations. I am lucky enough to work on my designs at home while taking care of my three girls. Life is hectic, but fun...

This Blog is about my life, my business, and my creations plus I enjoy promoting my fellow Artists.


Thursday, January 29, 2009

So Many Beads, So Little Time...

Hello, hello, hello....I finally got a little free time to do some work on the computer to promote, promote, promote.
I hope everyone's week is going well so far. From my last post on Sunday, I've been so busy with...driving my girls to and from school, changing baby's diaper, feeding kids, trying to get my 5 year old to eat something different, changing baby's diaper, trying to get baby to stop being such a "Mommy Suck", being a ref to sibling bickering, changing baby's diaper....well you get the picture. I really don't know how some home businesses survive with children running around. And don't tell me to hire a nanny or childcare....I haven't won the lottery yet, so it's not financially possible. So I keep puttering along......I think I want to take a nap for at least a week.
Today my oldest has a friend over for a playdate. Wow, little girls are loud...I started making a necklace, but.......I keep getting interrupted. I thought they were suppose to entertain themselves at this age (8yrs). So the good ol' standby of TV is on with a movie (Hairspray) in the DVD for their viewing pleasure. Thank goodness they haven't started singing are figured out the lack of political correctness from the 50's. (John Travota still looks hot, even as a woman!).
Anyways, I gotta go and make dinner, change a diaper, feed the kids, try to make my 5 year old to try something new, change a diaper....the usual.
If I can remember, I'll try to take a picture of my work in progress for a sneak peek tomorrow.

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