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My name is Penny Cheng, Chainmaille Artist and the Owner/Designer Of Jewelry by Saniki Creations. I am lucky enough to work on my designs at home while taking care of my three girls. Life is hectic, but fun...

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Monday, March 5, 2012

MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge - The Journey So Far

Well it's been almost two months since I've announced that I will be participating at the MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge presented by GBK Production through my membership with The Artisan Group.  I've been working feverishly coiling and cutting over 10,000 little brass, stainless steel, copper and bronze rings and getting them connected together to make 100 Chainmaille Pendants that will be inside the Celebrity Swag Bags.

So far I am please to say 65 Pendants are made and ready for me to do the final tweaks.  As long as I keep doing my personal quota of five pendants per day, I should be completely done by the end of this month.  However there are other things I need to do such as labeling, packaging, writing out my bio, making sure I have enough business cards.

Dodecahedron Chainmaille Balls
The picture above is a sampling of what I've been doing.  These little chainmaille balls, called Dodecahedron, will be the focus of the pendants I'm making.  It takes 96 little rings to make up one ball, really fun!  I'm not going to post the finished piece quite yet..  Still want it to be a bit of a surprise.... I can tell you the name of these pendants..... Fidget.

I can, however, show you the creation that will be displayed at the table during the event.  It's one of my Signature Chainmaille Tree of Life Decor...

Chainmaille Tree of Life Home Decor

I still haven't given it a name yet... still got some time for that.

So there you go... with some planning and scheduling, I am half way there and will be ready for the big day in June.

Penny Cheng


  1. Great job so far!! I love your work and can't wait to see the finished pendants!

    1. Thank you Mona! All will be revealed later in the month :)

  2. Very nice Penny! I got my gifts for the MTV Movie Awards started too....now I just need to blog about it. I got a little bit of a start on that if you want a peek. Http://www.caremorecreations.blogspot.com
    Thanks for the inspiration!!

    1. You're so very welcom Carolyn... Always here to help!


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