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My name is Penny Cheng, Chainmaille Artist and the Owner/Designer Of Jewelry by Saniki Creations. I am lucky enough to work on my designs at home while taking care of my three girls. Life is hectic, but fun...

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Monday, March 19, 2012

Meet Peggy Paliotta of Starlet Glam Bath & Body - Featured Artist

Bath Products... We all need them as we all use them.  But did you know that most commercial based bath products are not that good for you. With skin sensitivities and allergies to chemicals, it's really great to know that there are alternatives.

Today I would like to introduce Peggy Paliotta of Starlet Glam Bath and Body, a fellow member of The Artisan Group, Peggy's products are 100% Natural and Free from detergents, SLS and sulfates, are Vegan Friendly and my personal favorite... Not Tested On Animals.    

How and when did you discover your love for your craft/art?
Growing up, I was always involved in Arts & Crafts. I dabbled in Painting, Graphic Design, Hat Making, Jewelry Design (Polymer Clay). While I enjoyed each craft I felt something was missing. One day I discovered a DIY lip balm article that peaked my interest. The web site also sold soapmaking supplies such as various soap bases and fragrances. Bath & Body products have always been an addiction for me so I knew this would become my passion!

Do you remember the first piece you ever made?
My first soap experience was making bars with a base called soap noodles. They had to be cooked in a crock pot. While it was fun it didn't turn out as expected. Some batches became burnt and fragrances dissipated.
Valentine Fuchia Pink Pin Up Girl
Every Artist has a creative process, can you explain yours?
My creative process varies depending on what products I'm making. For the most part it begins with fragrance, recipe ingredients, color and sometimes a theme name. I love the challenge of having several projects going on at once.

When people start doing their craft/art, they tend to try a lot of different things before settling down to something that resonates with them. How has your work changed since you began?
My craft began with glycerine soaps only. I grew an interest to incorporate a line of Bath and Body Products. My collection now includes Body Butters with Shimmer, Body Creams, Sugar Scrubs, Whipped Cream Soaps, Body Balms, Milk Bath Fizz, Perfume Oils, Specialty Soaps, Lip Balm Shimmer and Mineral Lip Tints.
Goat Milk Bath Fizz
What inspires you creatively?
Creating new products, fragrances, theme names and designing my labels. I draw inspiration from Old Hollywood Glamour. I love the famous Bombshells and Burlesque Queens of that era.

Can you tell us about some important goals you have achieved with your work?
In addition to acquiring wholesale accounts, and selling my products at one of the top 5 Gift Shops in L.A. (Handmade Galleries), I'm so excited to be a member of The Artisan Group! It's such an inspiration to interact and support other talented artisans who are just as passionate about their craft as I am. The opportunity to gift celebrities and donate to charities is the perfect addition to help grow my business!
Marshmallow Confection Lip Balm
Who are some of your favorite artists/crafters and why?
Talented members of The Artisan Group as well as the E.F.O.E (Eclectic Friends of Etsy) Team I'm a member of. They both feel like family.

Any goals for the future you would like to share?
I'm so excited to announce that Starlet Glam will be represented by The Artisan Group at The MTV Movie Awards Gift Lounge in June. Talk about a Glam opportunity! Our Bath & Body products will be gifted to 100 celebrities. Products will include Sugar Scrubs: Almond Cookie and White Truffle Raspberry. Body Creams: Iced Lemon Biscotti, Pink Grapefruit, Red Velvet Cake and Vanilla Champagne. Alo included will be coordinating lip balm shimmers.

A few other goals I have would be to rent a kiosk/cart space at our popular mall; or to open up my own retail store.
White Truffle Raspberry Sugar Scrub
What do you do in your spare time?
I love hanging out with family and friends, my cat, traveling, shopping, listening to music and going to rock concerts. I'm a Rocker chic!

If you are displaying or selling your craft/art? Where?
I'm selling my products in my Etsy shop http://www.starletglambathbody.com as well as Studio B Salon & Beauty Boutique, RI and Handmade Galleries in L.A. I also do several juried craft shows throughout the year.
Almond Cookie Perfume Oil
If you sell online or at physical store. How many hours per week to you spend in the creative side versus the business side?
I normally spend more time creating. But I try to include a few days per week for the business side.

What advice would you give to someone who want to start out or start a business in their craft/art?
I would say if you're passionate about your craft to give it a shot. It's a good idea to join groups or forums that relate to your craft where you'll have a lot of opportunities to learn and meet others.
Thank you Peggy for taking time to tell us more about you.  Be sure to visit Peggy at her sites and check out all her wonderful products.

Penny Cheng


  1. Always love learning about other bath and body folks! You have some nice products, Peggy! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The Raspberry sugar scrub looks good enough to eat! And I bet it smells delicious! I enjoyed the interview! Congrats, Peggy! <3

  3. Thank you so much for the feature Penny! And Thank you everyone! :)

  4. Love Peggy & her products!! Her Sugar Body Polish is amazing!!

  5. Holy cow! You have products at Handmade?! Small world! This is so great that you showcase TAG peeps, Penny; I'm getting to know everyone so much better!

    Peggy; your products are beautiful, I love the shop name and look! I can't wait to go to Handmade to sniff everything!

  6. It was wonderful to get to know a bit more about Peggy and her products. Thank-you Penny! :)


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