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My name is Penny Cheng, Chainmaille Artist and the Owner/Designer Of Jewelry by Saniki Creations. I am lucky enough to work on my designs at home while taking care of my three girls. Life is hectic, but fun...

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Meet Libbi Shorts of Mt Baldy Glassworks - Featured Artist

Today I would like to introduce Libbi Shorts of Mt. Baldy Glassworks.

Red and White Fused Glass Wind Chime
Pink and Black Business Card Holder
A fellow member of The Artisan Group, Libbi's designs are extraordinary by fusing Dichroic glass and art glass to become gorgeous jewelry pieces and works of art for the home.
How and when did you discover your love for your craft/art?  
Well, about 7 years ago I was taking a jewelry class to learn to make bezel settings. The "jewels" we were setting were fused dichroic glass. I was fascinated with them!  I found a teacher and took a few classes. Then I bought my first kiln. It sat for a few months in my garage because I was afraid I would burn the house down if I plugged it in!

Do you remember the first piece you ever made?  
Yes!  In that first class we put pieces of different glasses together in the kiln.  A week later I picked them up and took them home. I had a dinner party that night and we passed around my paper plate of beautiful small glass items.  I didn't even know how to dill a hole yet, so I was not yet able to make these pieces into pendants. But, I still loved them. I wonder if they are still around here somewhere?  LOL

Every Artist has a creative process, can you explain yours?  
I tend to see things I like, and then try to figure out if I can do it in glass. Or, I may get an idea, and wonder if I can make the idea come to life. You know ...   make reality match what is in my minds eye. Sometimes, the best things come out of my mistakes.  The other day I tried to make a heart that had a break line in it..  and a bubble formed... then the whole bit fused back together again.  So I ended up with a red heart with a transparent bubble in the center.  I love it!  And I do not think I can repeat it.

When people start doing their craft/art, they tend to try a lot of different things before settling down to something that resonates with them.  How has your work changed since you began?
I started in watercolor. In fact, my son keeps suggesting I should go back to it. After water color I dabbled in pastels. I love doing close up flowers in pastels and I love doing portrait work in pastels. One day I decided to make a bracelet that was in a magazine with directions.  In about an hours time I had this beautiful bead and sterling silver bracelet, THAT I HAD MADE.   I was hooked.  I took classes on soldering and made rings and earrings, I took beading classes, and finally I took a beginning fusing class.  Now I give beginning fusing classes to others!

What inspires you creatively? 
Nature inspires me. Other art forms inspire me.  Just being in my studio for extended amounts of time seems to unlock new ideas. Just the fact of manifesting a thought or idea into a physical reality thrills me!

Can you tell us about some important goals you have achieved with your work?  
Taking my show on the road, doing craft fairs.  That was such a scary thing for me to do.  Filling out applications and waiting to see if I wold get accepted.  but the pay off was fantastic!  I remember feeling like I was floating that first day. People complemented my work.  The liked it and they liked me.  I felt like Sally Fields ... you like me, you like me, you REALLY like me.  LOL

Who are some of your favorite artists/crafters and why?  
Patti Gray because she is a fantastic fused glass artist and an even better teacher.  

Any goals for the future you would like to share?  
Oh yes.  I dream of having a celeb pick up one of my fused glass tea light holders and realize they are the PERFECT item to use as favors at the huge party they are planning.  Also, I would love to get a commission to do a large instillation at a public building, like a library or hospital or court house..

What do you do in your spare time? 
I read, and enjoy my wonderful husband and scruffy dog and sleek cat!  Really though, I do not have much spare time, as I am dedicating so much time to social media and my Etsy shop.

If you are displaying or selling your craft/art? Where? 
In the past I have displayed at Malibu Art Fair, Topannga Days, Harvest Festivals in Long Beach, San Diego and Pomona, Ojai Lavender Festival, Los Gatos.  My goal this year is to get accepted to the Art Affaire in Laguna Beach.

If you sell online or at physical store.  How many hours per week to you spend in the creative side versus the business side?  
Much more time is spent on the business side than in the creative process.  Probably 4 to 1.

What advice would you give to someone who want to start out or start a business in their craft/art? 
Open an online shop and join with groups of others who can mentor you and help you learn the ins and outs.

Thank you so much Libbi!  Here are the sites you can find Libbi and her gorgeous work:

Thank you everyone for reading, be sure to check back on Monday as we feature another member of The Artisan Group, plus a member of  Artists in the Boro

Penny Cheng


  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I am going to share it with everyone!!!!!

  2. I love Libbi, I love her studio, and I love her work!!! I cant wait until I get a chance to learn to fuse glass from her!!!!!

  3. Libbi is a WONDERFUL artist! Her designs are rich and colorful. I love the pieces that you chose to feature. My favorite of hers are the votive candle holders.


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